Why massage matters as we age

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Like the sands of the beach behind our spa, our bodies will change and shift over time, and after every storm. Generally speaking, our bodies will become more stiff as we age, which in turn can make us more prone to injury. This is why it’s important to include stretching as well as regular massage into your self-care routine. Keeping your body flexible and supple, will allow you to avoid the common sprains and muscle pulls that accompany us as we go through our journeys in life.

Speak to your massage therapist about your personal needs. And make sure you tell them about areas where you are extra stiff and could use some extra attention. Be sure to stretch areas like the lower back and hamstrings… which are actually connected… meaning that when one is stiff, the other tends to be as well. Add a simple stretching routine to your self-care regimen and be sure to book frequent massages when possible. Doing so will help your body ease through the aging process, as well as relax your mind.