When the surf is up, the muscles are sore


The surf is up in our spa’s backyard again- currently surfers and bodyboarders are enjoying waves in the 5-6ft range. When it comes to surfing, images of youth and resilience dominate the culture, yet some of the best and most amazing surfers are men and women over the age of 35. Sheer experience, matched with natural athleticism, can not be understated. Mature surfers in this age group are often the ones getting the biggest, most dangerous waves. But at the same time, they are also the ones who must feel the muscle soreness, stiff joints, and general inflammation results the most.

That’s why it’s a good idea to add two key ingredients to your surf ritual as you age: Yoga and Massage. Yoga is great to keep your body pliable, so that it can handle the dynamic movements that surfing requires. But a little known secret is to add massage as an after-surf treatment to promote blood flow, and to help alleviate soreness. It’s easy to get “stiff” after laying prone on your surfboard in one position, so allowing a professional massage therapist to loosen those back and shoulder muscle will feel great, and will keep you in top shape so you can stay in the water for many years to come.

Mina’s Massage Therapy on Maui is located in the PERFECT place for surfers. Just steps away from the beach at the 505 Front Street plaza, you can go from your surf session straight to your massage without getting into your car. Book a massage at your convenience today, and we’ll see you at our spa in Lahaina soon!