Using Massage To Avoid Burnout


“Burnout” is a term we hear often in reference to occupational wellness. It refers to feelings of exhaustion; a distancing of one’s self from their work; and reduced efficiency/production. The exact causes for burnout vary, but the results are fairly universal, with physical issues often accompanying the feelings of mental anxiety.

Massage can first help by reducing the amount of stored tension in the body. Using a variety techniques and massage styles, a professional therapist can physically loosen your muscles, which will help alleviate stored and chronic pain. A massage can also boost your serotonin and dopamine levels, which are the hormones that most affect your mood. A boost in these hormones along with a loose and supple body can make all the difference in how you handle the rest of your daily and professional life.

As a second benefit, a massage will help you to break up a monotonous schedule. Doing this can help a person avoid burnout simply by “shaking things up” and breaking you out of a repetitive routine of rise-work-repeat.

A final strategy for avoiding burnout- is to retain good posture throughout the day (which is easier said than done)! No matter if you are sedentary or physical for your job, you will want to avoid chronic pain and fatigue by remaining aligned and ergonomic in all aspects of your work. A massage can help you achieve a good “base” by loosening your body and releasing stored tension that you might otherwise bring into work.

If you’re feeling the effects of burnout on your body and mood, then we hope that these tips have helped you.