Tips for getting the most out of your massage on Maui

Maui Massage Therapy

When it comes to massage therapy, we take the “therapy” part seriously! Massage helps heal both body and spirit, and each of our guests has their own specific needs. For that reason, we recommend the following tips to help you get the most healing qualities out of your massage.

First start with the room that you are are in… let your therapist know if the room temperature is uncomfortable, and ask that they make adjustments if possible. Second, let your therapist know if you prefer silence over music.

Next, focus on your massage. Tell your therapist about any injuries or tender areas of your body, where special treatment is needed. Also let your therapist know if you want the pressure to change, if you find that their touch is too firm or too soft.

When you discuss this information with us, it helps to create the most relaxing and healing experience possible. We appreciate you reading these tips, please visit our booking page to book your massage now.