Some of our favorite self-massage techniques

Lahaina Kaanapali Massage

So you had a great vacation on Maui, and even capped it with a relaxing massage. Now, a long plane ride and some traffic later, you are back in your normal routine of work and school, and your tension and pain is creeping up again. What do you do?

Well, in cases where no help is around, a bit of self-massage can help relieve some of your pain and anxiety. One of our favorite techniques is to use a foam roller, to essentially ‘knead’ out any kinks. If a roller isn’t available: a broom stick, baseball bat, hockey stick held with both hands behind the back can be used to target painful areas. As a last resort, simply pushing your back against a flat wall and rolling back and forth can also work.

Of course, these are all “second best” options… the best massage will come from a qualified therapist, so if you’re using one of the DIY techniques above, consider seeing a professional to supplement your healing.