“Roll out of bed” with a massage roller

Deep Tissue

One of our favorite self-massage techniques is to use a comfortable roller, for an early morning massage straight out of bed. Just one minute of rolling does wonders for alleviating stiffness that may have come during your sleep. Or, if you’ve “slept wrong” in some way and need to work out a kink, a roll may be the only thing at your disposal, especially if you live alone or if you rise at a different time than your family does.

While vacationing on Maui, you may find that your back and legs are stiff from the plane journey here. If that’s the case and you don’t have a roller handy, then book a massage at our Lahaina spa and let one of our professional therapists help your body heal from that arduous journey! Your overall body and mood will feel much better as a result, feeling better is what vacation on Maui is all about!