Our most important tip for a great massage

Maui Massage Therapy

Here on Maui, and especially in Lahaina, we have warm and tropical temperatures year-round. This is great news for sun-seekers, but can be bad news if you don’t drink enough water throughout the day. Dehydration is a common cause for muscle cramps and soreness, which will compound any existing discomfort you are already feeling.

For this reason, we recommend increasing your water intake while you are visiting Maui. Adding an additional 2 glasses to what you normally consume will insure that your muscles will remain loose, which in turn will help you make the most out of your massage session.

Remember to continue drinking water after your massage as well- so that all the positive body work that was accomplished during your session won’t be lost on dehydrated and cramping muscles. Please contact us to book your Maui massage today!