How often should I see a massage therapist?

Lahaina Kaanapali Massage

The short answer is: As often as you need!

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some just want to relax, while others want to “do work”… which often includes firm pressure and working out knots in the muscles. With this in mind, the frequency in which you book your massages, is really dependent upon your goals.

For clients who are visiting Maui on vacation, a one-time massage is a great experience to add to your vacation itinerary. It will help alleviate some of the aches associated with traveling, and will put you in a blissful state for the rest of your vacation.

For clients who live on Maui (or at least stay for more than 2 weeks), a semi-frequent massage schedule to address your physical needs may be better. Our local community contains a large population of athletes, so if you’re one of them, you know about the negative effects that tight muscles and knots have on your everyday life. Booking a semi-annual massage would probably be the minimum amount of “maintenance” you’d want to put in, and a quarterly schedule would be even better.

Talk to your massage therapist about your needs and schedule. Together you can create the right frequency of appointments which will integrate massage as a positive maintenance technique for your body.