How Massage Helps Your Immune System

Lahaina Kaanapali Massage

Winter is coming, and that means flu season in the minds of many people. There are lots of ways to boost your immune system, with some of the more common sense methods being vitamin C, hydration, and sanitation. But did you know that you can go even further, and utilize wellness and self care to boost your system even more?

Here are some well known facts about massage, and how they relate to your immune system:

Massage helps flush out toxins, increases blood flow, and helps activate white blood cells.
This can help your immune system particularly in the activation of the white blood cells, which are the soldiers on your body’s front line against illness.

Massage boosts mental health
Research has suggested that massage can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. With a healthy mind, the body can eat, sleep and operate normally, which in turn aids a person’s immune system.

Massage can help you sleep
The body holds tension which can result in ongoing pain, and that in turn can disrupt sleep. A massage does wonders in terms of loosening the body, and getting tight muscles to finally relax. With tension gone and a supple body, a good night’s sleep seems like a dreamy reality.

We hope that you will visit our Maui spa for a massage this winter, to help your overall wellness and to boost your immune system!