Better sleep through massage

Maui Massage Therapy

As practitioners of massage on Maui, we find our guests are often seeking relaxation, above all other things. There is something about the islands that invokes a feeling of rest and the need to downshift into “vacation mode”.

A big part of the equation, for getting the most rest and relaxation out of your vacation, is to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep has countless benefits for your body, but sometimes that sleep can be elusive. One thing we can recommend, is booking a good massage prior to a night where you intend to sleep in the next day. A massage holds a lot of benefits that can help with sleep, one of which is the increased blood flow to the muscles, warming them and relaxing them at the same time, almost like a natural muscle relaxer. Add to this the blissful state of mind a massage will put you in, and you have a recipe for an excellent night’s sleep.

Book your Maui massage with us and talk to your therapist about your needs. A rejuvenated body and a restful night’s sleep are just a phone call away!