Back and shoulder pain from poor posture


A massage can do wonders for back and shoulder pain, particularly the kind that comes from poor posture. However, it’s important to know that massage isn’t a one-time fix for all of your body’s issues. You’ll also want to be mindful of your body while at school or at work, and make sure that you don’t cause any adverse affects on your body while fulfilling your daily duties.

Whether you sit stationary or use your body heavily at work, it’s important to remember that posture plays a vital role in relation to pain. The following tips are designed to show you how you might reduce stress and pain on your body through better posture.

Our first tip is to do some stretching each morning. This simple step will help keep you flexible and supple, which in turn helps you avoid injuries which may occur from the sudden or uncommon movement of your body.

Our second tip is to stay aligned. For people who lift objects at work, it’s important to lift while in a square position, and never twist at the hips or back of you can help it. For people who sit stationary, be sure your chair is level and not tilted (which can misalign your hips), and also make sure that you shoulders, elbows and wrists are at comfortable heights and sit at square angles.