After your massage, visit our newest neighbor for a nutritious meal, snack or beverage

Breakwall Market at 505

It’s important to think of wellness in terms of layers. The combination of yoga, followed by a massage and a healthy meal, is a wonderful combination of self-care rituals that can really make the difference in your overall mood and wellness. Recently, a new neighbor has moved into one of the shopfronts here at 505, and they are the perfect place to grab a meal or a snack after your massage. Breakwall Market offers healthy snacks like Acai Bowls, which paired with a juice or coffee, is our recommendation for an after-massage treat, particularly for the anti-oxidant properties. By booking a relaxing massage, and following it up with a super-charged healthy meal, you’ll be setting yourself up for a great experience here on Maui where you are relaxed, full of good nutrients, and feeling great.