Add a massage to your pre-flight checklist


One of the most overlooked aspects of Hawaii travel is the toll that it takes on your body. Particularly, your back and shoulders. From lifting and transporting suitcases, to sitting in an airplane seat for 5 hours (at minimum), your body is susceptible to injury, and you are in danger of “undoing” all the gains of rest and rejuvenation that your vacation provided.

For this reason we recommend booking a massage just before you leave Maui. As a final way de-stress and loosen up, the massage will help you to be prepared for dealing with the stress that your body will go through while traveling. Sitting in a airplane seat is one thing…but it’s quite another thing to sit in that seat feeling relaxed and pliable… resulting in a more peaceful experience.

With summer vacation over, and tourists now leaving the island in droves, now is the time to book your Maui massage before space fills up. Many seasoned “pro” travelers know this trick already… and are already keeping local massage therapists busy. Book today, and we will see you soon.