A peaceful Maui massage in the heart of busy Lahaina


If there is one thing that Lahaina is known for (aside from a cruel sun), it is the hustle and bustle which commonly comes with being a popular seaside port. It’s true, Lahaina is quite busy, and for good reason! There are rows of wonderful shops, restaurants, and galleries dotting the entire length of Front Street.

As exciting as a day in Lahaina might be, you may find yourself wanting to a more tranquil experience… and that is why we’re here. At the “quieter” end of Front Street, you’ll find a charming little beachfront plaza known as 505. Here you will be far away from the busy street traffic, and able to experience a massage that is rejuvenating, relaxing, and renewing. Visit the beach before your massage to feel the calming energy of the sea, and even dip your toes in the sand once more, after your massage- to allow the healing to continue while you gaze upon the crystal blue water.

Experience a Maui massage like no other here with us. We offer a variety of massage styles and session durations to suit all needs.